2017 - lecture at Columbia for Women’s History Month

2016 - lectures at MIT, Harvard, Berklee, Babson, Boston U, New England School of Law

2015 - New Music Seminar: moderated “Can Derivative Works Double Music Revenues” panel

2014 - American Express Open CEO Bootcamp: lectures on Networking/Owning the Room

2013-14 - Babson College Centre for Women’s Entrepreneurial Leadership Entrepreneur in Residence

2013 - Babson College: “Women Redefining Fashion” lecture

2012 - Asian American Writers’ Workshop: “After 1989: Race After Multiculturalism”

2009 - Vassar College Asian Students’ Alliance: “Exploring (Post) Racism: Locating Asian America between Black & White” panel



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We invited Sophia because we had heard her speak on the NPR podcast Microphone Check, and were impressed by her passion, articulateness and willingness to speak about issues that were important to our communities, including race, gender issues, mental health and entrepreneurship. Sophia was incredible. She drew the largest audience we’d ever seen for a Hip Hop Speakers Series event, with over 200 people registered. She is captivating onstage, and kept the audience engaged through a two-hour session which consisted of a lecture and Q&A. We received tremendous feedback from our attendees, many of whom said that it was the best lecture they had attended while at MIT. Sophia has lived an incredible life, and the way she tells her stories is uniquely engaging.

Sophia was a pleasure to work with throughout the process; she was responsive, professional and seemed to genuinely care about connecting with her audience. After the session, she could have left immediately, but spent over 30 minutes meeting and taking pictures with students, which was greatly appreciated.
— MIT Management Sloan School
Sophia Chang worked with three Asian-American student organizations...on Harvard College’s campus...marking the first time these groups have collaborated together on an event. Through the process of planning the event, Sophia was very responsive and professional. She was very concerned about making her presentation reflect the needs of the students.

Sophia has an arresting, undeniable presence, made immediately obvious once she walks into the room. She is fearless, direct, and unfiltered in the way she speaks. We traditionally invite professors and scholars to our “teach-ins” exploring racial identity, but Sophia spoke most effectively to the heart of our experiences by speaking unapologetically from her heart, discussing topics such as friendships, parents, and her career path. It is very rare to attend a talk with such a powerful level of emotionality, vulnerability, and generosity. She completely captivated an audience of over 60 students for over two hours and met with students for conversation and pictures after the talk. Feedback was overwhelmingly positive, many students saying that she was their new role model and she was the most “badass” speaker they’d seen at an event on campus. One person said that in the two hours of her talk she created a distinctly yellow-American space in composition and in spirit. She is an icon of our community.
— Harvard University
We keep bringing back Sophia Chang for a simple reason; as one of my students put it, ‘hearing Sophia speak is a life changing experience.’ This is a sentiment expressed by many young people who attend Sophia’s talks. In particular, Sophia serves as a much needed role model for young women,especially women of color, who are seeking real world guidance for how to live and succeed in a society that rarely reflects their experiences. Sophia does just that, and so much more.

With every word and gesture Sophia Chang conveys her passion, experience, wit, and furious intelligence. Sophia offers unique and important insights on entrepreneurialism, the business world, music and the music business, being a women of color in business, the second generation immigrant experience and Asian identity. One rarely comes across a speaker who can, with such a deft and confident voice, connect with and inspire people from all walks of life, from the classroom to the boardroom.
— Babson College
Sophia Chang’s impact on students cannot possibly be overstated. Neither can her popularity amongst the students who had the pleasure to listen to her share her insights, experiences, beliefs and values. Aside from addressing topics on entrepreneurship, she also spoke truthfully and critically to several key issues in the music industry such as, but not limited to, race, substance abuse, mental health, and gender issues...During the entire event, the audience was filled with students who were captivated by her realness and courageous attitude...She will unapologetically uncover the truth. And because of all that, she connects deeply to the audience.
— Berklee College of Music