Adam Mitchell, student of MIT's Sloan School of Management heard my NPR interview and invited me to be a part of the school's Hip Hop Speaker Series. I am honored to have been the first executive and, more importantly, first woman and Asian to participate.


The lovely Kamylle Edwards grants me my first interview. I am forever grateful to her for letting me speak to my experience in the industry to honor Women's History Month. 


This is my first radio interview. I was incredibly comfortable because one of the interviewers was Ali Shaheed Muhammad of A Tribe Called Quest, whom I've known for almost 30 years. Frannie Kelly, his partner, is a recent but good friend and supporter. It was fantastic to sit down and talk to Shaheed heart to heart about a number of issues that touched us both, particularly the loss of our dear friend and his former manager, Chris Lighty, god rest his soul.