I just spent a delightful afternoon with one of my mentees talking about work, love, bitch shit, ego, humility, self-awareness, and networking, among other topics. I am almost twice her age and realize that in the decades that I have lived longer than her, I have gathered so many lessons that are meant to be shared. When I was her age I met Sonya Chang while I worked at Paul Simon. She taught me many of my greatest life lessons and am eternally grateful to her.

For those of us who have lived a life full of spiritual, emotional, and intellectual curiosity and development, who understand that every experience--big, small, triumphant, crushing, etc.-is a gift because we are open to learning the lesson presented therein, we owe it to the next generation to share this wisdom.

To horde knowledge and experience is selfish beyond compare. In short, if you have something to teach and you don't, you're a fucking asshole.