The Clan were the first to say to me “Soph, you’re family.” I'd never been told that and didn’t really understand what that meant, but it quickly became clear. Back in ‘93 I was up at the RCA offices, writing the treatment for the “C.R.E.A.M.” video with Raekwon, on a typewriter. When we were done, I told the guys I was leaving. Meth and Ghost jumped up immediately “How are you getting home, Sophie?” “Train.” “We’re walking you to the station.” “It’s Times Square in broad daylight, nothing’s going to happen.” But they insisted.

When we got there, I hugged my bodyguards goodbye. And as I descended the crowded stairway they yelled, and I mean at the top of their lungs, after me “If anyone fucks with you, Sophie, you tell them you’re with Wu-Tang ‘cause we’ll fuck them up if they come near you!” Ah, so that’s what it means to be a member of this Clan. It truly felt like I’d been adopted and I never took that for granted.