It drives me crazy within organizations when everything has to be done by committee. This has a couple deleterious effects: firstly, precious time and effort are wasted and secondly, the authority of the leader is undermined. I've found this to be particularly prevalent in large companies where everyone is shook that they're going to lose their job that they're afraid to make a call. 

I understand wanting there to be some sense of democracy, but there are times when a leader needs to grab their nuts and make a decision. As a leader, you have to be okay with failing, and everyone knowing it was your call. I respect that so much more than cowards who have to ask everyone's opinion and then hide behind consensus.

This doesn't just go for execs, it's also the case for creatives. I assure you that D'Angelo and Raphael Saadiq don't play their new shit for everyone to get their opinions. Of course they are a lucky few who get to hear the works in progress, but these guys don't sway with every opinion that's proferred. They are so profoundly grounded in who they are as artists, they don't need the external validation.

So if you want to be a leader, understand that it comes not only with the power to make things move, but also with the responsibility to make sometimes unpopular decisions. It's about confidence, both to make the right decision and to stay standing if it's not.