My thoughts on Crazy Rich Asians:

1. RomComs are far from my favorite genre but I thoroughly enjoyed this one, not just because of the representation. It had all the typical trappings of the genre--predictable, cheesy, etc.--but made some great statements about identity and family therein.

2. I started crying 40 minutes in, having nothing whatsoever to do with the narrative. It was about seeing a screen full of Asian faces in an American movie directed by an Asian American. What I found the most moving was the use of Chinese versions of American standards, the featuring of food as central to the Asian experience (my film will be called "Crazy Hungry Koreans (Who Bring Ziploc Bags To Buffets), and the mahjong game at the end.

3. Having devoured so many movies in which Michelle Yeoh wows us with her stunts--who could forget the scene in "Supercop 3" where she rides a motorcycle onto a moving train (g'head, Tom Cruise)--watching her play imperious and restrained matriarch is delightfully rewarding. That's a bad bitch right there.

4. Constance Wu is great and has fantastic comedic timing.

5. I've never seen so many beautiful Asians in a movie.

6. If anyone knows Henry Golding, Harry Shum Jr., Chris Pang, or Pierre Png and they are interested in dating a middle aged Korean Canadian mother of two teens, do tell them to DM me

7. I LOVED Astrid's takedown of Michael, which is essentially that "I will not shrink myself to make you feel bigger." HALLEFUCKINGLUJAH

8. Though we were definitely meant to drool over the opulence, they did a good job of also showing the grotesqueness of it, which is how I was raised to see such wealth as the child of middle class Korean immigrant academics.