Advice for the parents who will sooner or later do the college app process for their kids: let them do as much of it as possible on their own. They need to and you need to let them.

As a first gen Korean immigrant, I had been worried about what college my son would get into since sixth grade. The only true stress I've experienced in my life. The fretting did me no good. It made me last out against him when he didn't deserve it. How I wish I could take those moments back. I think there's an inverse relationship between the declining rate of college degree relevance and the increasing rate of the tuition.

When I called one of my closest girlfriends whose son is one of my boy's best friends and only 15 days younger to rant, she said "Let Jin Long do it himself, Sophia. Our boys are going to be 18. They need to learn how to do things on their own." She was right and so I did.

I don't know where Jin Long will end up going to college, but I have faith that will git in where he fits in and be amazing at whatever he chooses to do. More importantly, I've raised a kind, just, empathetic, funny benevolent leader. And he's going to be a 6' tall Asian man so my contribution to the planet is pretty considerable.