Karlie Kloss in 2012 at the Victoria's Secret Fashion show and just last week in Vogue's diversity issue.

Karlie Kloss in 2012 at the Victoria's Secret Fashion show and just last week in Vogue's diversity issue.

She's a really pretty girl with a banging ass body. She's on her grind and making a ton of loot. I don't begrudge her any of that. But TWICE with this bullshit? And the perfunctory apologies so clearly written by a team of publicists?

Yes, of course we have to hate on Victoria's Secret and Vogue's exceptionally misguided ignorant racist concepts. How many people had to approve these looks before they were released? Trust me: LOTS. But Karlie's gotta get some friends of color or read a book or get a better team and get that pretty little head out of her enwhitled ass. Or maybe this bitch just doesn't care?

I don't know, but I'm soooo fucking sick of white girls dressing and doing their makeup like my people. Every time I see a white girl doing her eyes "Asian" style or wearing a cheongsam, I want to slap the shit out of her. Here's the HuffPost piece about the Vogue debacle: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/karlie-kloss-vogue_us_58a3853fe4b094a129f01f15


As a petite Asian woman I am consistently literally overlooked, ignored, and made to feel that I'm invisible. It makes me fucking nuts. Part of the reason I rock such a crazy hairstyle (much to my mother's chagrin) and dress uniquely is because I want to stand out.

Something that's happened on a number of times at the gym is that people see that I'm doing my kung fu in a straight line, up and down the floor, and will step right in my path and lay down their mats without even acknowledging me. No "excuse me," "am I in your way?" "do you mind?" etc. Recently I called someone out on it and said "I have to say that I'm astonished that you see what I'm doing and you put your stuff directly in front of me without even acknowledging me. And this is the second time. You should at least do me the courtesy of saying something." This bitch said "You should do me the courtesy of moving out of my way." I assure you that if I was a white man, she never would have behaved like that. That is one of my gauges of racism: would they have said/done it if I was a white man? The answer is almost always no.

Another memorable instance was at the movie theater. I was with my white girlfriend looking for seats. As we approached the row, she was standing behind me and there was a family sitting in the seats closest to the aisle. We stood there waiting for them to get up so we could get past them to sit down. In this case, I wasn't invisible, rather immaterial: they looked straight at me, saw me standing there waiting, and then looked away and continued to talk to each other. My girlfriend said "excuse me" loudly and they finally moved. As we sat down, my friend was stunned. Even afterwards she said nothing of the film because she was fixated on what had transpired. "I can't believe that happened! They saw us and acted like we didn't exist!" And I said "Welcome to my world."

I am diminutive but I have a huge personality and a booming laugh. I can slay you with my stare and waste you with my words. People have said I walk into the room like I'm 6' tall and that's how I feel. "I am the baddest bitch in this room and no one can fuck with me." This is what I want for my Asian brothers and sisters, and for any POC or others who feel alike: take up as much space as possible, be seen, be heard, be felt. Now more than ever. #FUCKAMODELMINORITY.


Bruce Lee, Chow Yun Fat, Tony Jaa, Tony Leung, Donnie Yen, Iwo Uwais, Jet Li, Andy Lau

Bruce Lee, Chow Yun Fat, Tony Jaa, Tony Leung, Donnie Yen, Iwo Uwais, Jet Li, Andy Lau

In light of what that racist douchebag Steve Harvey said on his show recently, I feel compelled to repost and expand upon one of my first entries into my blog. It is deeply disappointing when one POC shits on another, or worse, a whole race. Pictured above are honorary members of my F.A.A.M. aka Fine Ass Asian Men.

One of the most strident racial dichotomies I've ever seen is the difference between how Asian women and Asian men are perceived sexually. My sisters and I are exoticized, eroticized, and fetishized whereas my brothers are castrated, emasculated, and ridiculed. And I find both infuriating.

I dated a non-Asian man some years back and one day he stated very cavalierly "Oh, come on, Sophia, everyone knows that no thinks Asian men are sexy--Asian women tell me that!" Yo, I stopped dead in my tracks and said "What did you just say?! You do realize that I am Korean and the father of my children is Chinese, right?" I don't think he had any idea that he had just stepped on an IED of his own manufacture and clumsy placement. 

I was tight as fuck. I don't care if someone has a racial preference, but for anyone to write off a whole race as being unattractive on behalf of the rest of the world if an offense punishable by a swift sidekick to the temple. The argument ended with me pounding my chest and saying "You tell any of those Asian bitches to come and say that shit to my face." I have thrown down the same gauntlet to Steve Harvey. #raisedbywutang

I've been happy to learn that a number of my girlfriends in their 20s are very attracted to Asian men. Maybe there's a change in the air? I certainly hope so. Asian men are fine, sexy, and manly. Open your minds and eyes. Don't believe the hype.


I closed both my MIT and Boston lectures with this shout out to the the myriad douchebag racists I've encountered since childhood. The language of racism, like all prejudices, has become highly codified but it is imperative that we recognize it for what it it. Fuck a model minority. This is how Sophia Chang rages against the machine.