I could write a book about my friendship with Chris Lighty, god rest his soul. Today I write about how much I wish he was here right now. We had many moments like the one depicted here. Chris, hard at work, and me, like a monkey on his back, burying my face into his pristine blue chambray.

No matter how busy he was, and he was a busy man, Chris always made time for me and opened his office door to his odd little friend. He was strong, steadfast, and loyal to the core. I've said it many a time and will continue to do so: Chris Lighty was my Rock of Gibraltar, the wind in my sails, my shelter from the storm. After getting some disappointing news last night, I would normally be in his office today, crying on his shoulder, looking to him for encouragement and guidance. But he's not here.

Having Chris in my corner made me stand taller, walk stronger, move sharper. Without him there is a hole in my heart that is at times temporarily filled by the love of others, at others echoes loudly and cruelly like a cold ferocious wind through a empty canyon. Today is one of those days.

I can barely write this because my vision is blurred by hot bitter tears and I keep clutching at my heart as if I could grab your hand again and pull you back to me. I miss you, Chris. I will never stop loving you and honoring our friendship.