Last weekend I told my friends Beau Sia and Kris Ex about a dinner I'd had at Mission Chinese in the LES in NYC. My brother and I were seated at a communal round table and I (foolishly) asked the white father and son next to us what they'd ordered. The father enthusiastically answered then proceeded to ask where we were from, tell us he was married to a Thai woman, and that he was a fan of Asian cuisine. I said to Beau and Kris "I want white men to stop fucking tell me that they have an Asian girlfriend or wife." They both immediately said "You've got to see 'Get Out.'"

I had seen the cryptic billboards all over Hollywood, but had not yet watched the graphic trailer. I hate horror flicks, haven't seen one in ages, but based on my boys telling me it was about race and it being Jordan Peele, I was all the way in. I saw it today and it didn't disappoint. All the performances are spot on. I will now see anything Daniel Kaluuya is in and really hope that Lil Rey Howery acts more.

The appearance of a sole Asian in a key scene of otherwise almost all white people was surprising. I read this analysis in Next Shark which makes some interesting points, the strongest of which being "Now it’s our job, as Asians, to recognize our complacency under the canopy of white supremacy and realize that like Black folks, we have nothing to gain by siding with whiteness." I have spoken publicly about the need for Asians--and anyone who is not black or brown--in hip hop especially to acknowledge our privilege.

I want white people to see this movie so they can get a clue of how racist they're being with their seemingly innocuous and welcoming comments. Again, the best thing I've ever written and uttered, how this Asian woman rocks a mic.