The Times published an article about the power of positive thinking the yesterday. I believe wholeheartedly that there is tremendous power in positivity. I learned this crucial lesson from my ex, whose attitude was glass half full all the time. And I mean all the time. 

When I met him I was a sarcastic cynical smartass who often complained about the most picayune things. He never ever complained, which I found remarkable. When I whined about the rain he would say earnestly with utter conviction "The flowers love the rain, they need the rain." I started to adjust my vision to look at life through this lens. 

I try to see the positive in everything. I always say that even loss and failure are positive experiences because if we are in touch with ourselves, we will learn from them. And lessons are gifts. But this takes practice. I have undergone many setbacks and fallen countless times, but I dust myself off and turn a probing eye to the situation, particularly my behavior therein. I always make a point of assessing my agency within any dynamic, particularly ones that are upsetting and disruptive.

As with everything in life, this takes practice but the beauty of any practice is that it is experiential--we get better with each attempt. If we are fastidious enough in our practice we will get to the point where it no longer feels like an effort and becomes an organic and integrated part of our modus operandi

We all know that we only use a fraction of our brain power and I believe that if we wire ourselves to see everything through a positive and optimistic, yet realistic, lens, we will thrive and there's no limit to what we can do.