If you love kung fu flix, you love Jackie Chan.
If you love parkour, you love Jackie Chan.
If you love "Ong Bak" or "The Raid," you love Jackie Chan.
If you don't love Jackie Chang, you should.

I have been a huge Jackie fan for years. He originated a stunt style that is seen worldwide to this day. I have toured with him and him to be exactly as gracious and magnanimous as the reports in the video. I found the testimonials incredibly moving.

My observations: firstly, Jackie Chan, though raised in the Beijing Opera, is, at heart, a martial artist. He is the embodiment of the core values of kung fu: loyalty and brotherhood. I have always maintained that the Chinese imbue their action films with these themes and philosophy better than anyone else. This is what resonates so deeply with the Wu Tang Clan and why they adopted the kung fu ethic. To listen to Jackie's team members tell stories of his generosity felt like hearing Clan members talk about how another had their back during darker and harder times. Secondly, real men aren't afraid to cry and show emotion. Thirdly, a linguistic note: when they shout "Brother!" at him, they are, in fact saying "Big Brother!" which is a very kung fu way of addressing an elder and holds much more gravitas. Finally, though I suspect most of these gentlemen are from Hong Kong, and therefore native Cantonese speakers, all of them, including Jackie, are speaking Mandarin, which is considered the sophisticated language of the country.