Having spent over a decade managing my ex, running his Temple, and raising our children, I can speak with some insight on the complexity of working with your partner. It makes sense for many reasons: implicit trust, common goals, building a future together. But it's hard and I can't say I recommend that people do it. It gets so complicated and the lines all get blurred.

Subsequently, and as an result of that experience, I keep my romantic and work lives separate. I've had men ask me to read scripts, review contracts, advise on business opportunities, and make professional introductions. What I say to them is "I do this for a living, B. If you really want me to do it, you'll have to pay me or gimme a damn vyg." NB: if I call you "B," you've put yourself in the line of my fire...and I rarely miss.

I've been propositioned on both ends of the spectrum: once an artist with whom I was doing business stated his romantic intentions and another with whom I was spending my leisure time asked me to be a part of his professional team. All good and flattering, but my response in both cases was: "We're either doing business or we're fucking. Never both." (Do men have some chromosome that makes them predisposed to wanting to sleep with their coworkers?)

I recently met a very enticing man who said he had to maintain his distance in the most gratifying way possible: "Soph, I've gotta stay away from you because if we get together we'll definitely be fucking and then we won't be able to make money together." He clearly understands the separation of church and state.