My 3rd most played song this year came out right at the time that there were careless whispers floating through the hallways that I was going to be fired. As imperturbable as my confidence is, corporate paranoia and fear of humiliation is a bitch. Shout out to Kendrick for helping me through this time of self-doubt and reinforcing my belief in myself.

I found it incredibly empowering to hear another POC's defiant dignified declaration of self-love. I think this should be the theme song of anyone who's ever felt oppressed, marginalized, bullied, misunderstood, underestimated, disparaged. To this day I walk around the gym, the house, the street listening to this song, pounding my chest and saying out loud I LOVE MYSELF. Yes, I literally pound my chest. Remember, I was #raisedbywutang.

The sky can fall down
The wind can cry now
The strong in me
I still smile

P.S. In case you're wondering, my #1 song of 2016 was DJ Khaled's THEY READY featuring Kendrick, J. Cole, and K.R.I.T., whom I think is so under-recognized as an MC.