Several years ago I created a small low key club called BBR: Baddest Bitches In The Room. The members are my crew who are, bar none, no matter where, despite who else might be in the room, the baddest bitches in that joint.

Though it may sound competitive, it's quite the opposite. It's not about looking antagonistically at other women, rather about acknowledging our own power and beauty as women who are almost exclusively of color and over 40. Though we warriors come from deliciously different walks of life--writers, geneticists, educators, chefs, film producers, actors, etc.--we are feminists who march to the beat of the same drum. We are proud of who we are and stand in tenacious opposition to patriarchy and white supremacy.

And this is not an exclusive club, far from it. We all work towards the goal that some day every woman will feel as mighty about themselves as we do. As Joan once said "Soph, if we spot someone in a room who's a badder bitch than we are, we go up and introduce ourselves!" We welcome, we mentor, we encourage, we support. We are role models, nurturers, and caregivers.

Every member of this club has been there for me in a way that no man can. We are driven by a powerful maternal instinct, in the broadest sense of the word; whether as mothers, aunties, godmothers, or advisors. We seek to uplift other women and pull them into our house .

In addition to raising my children to be kind, just, and benevolent leaders, I know that my mission in life is to inspire and guide other women to find this remarkable place of self-love and self-empowerment.