Throughout my adult life I've had what I consider to be different theme songs. This is the first significant one that I recall. The Talking Heads' masterpiece "Once In A Lifetime" spoke to my sense of futility in a relationship that was clearly dissolving. The lines "This is not my beautiful house...this is not my beautiful life" and the scene where David Byrne mimics the gesture of chopping down his forearm with the opposite hand perfectly captured my feeling of repetition and resignation. I remember talking to my shrink the first session of the new year in 2008 and telling her "I am saying to you the exact same thing I did a year ago. I am officially the hamster on the wheel. It's time to get out." It was heartbreaking but I knew it was over. It was actually a prior extremely brief conversation with Joan Morgan that was the lightbulb moment. "Same as it ever was..."