It's almost impossible to describe the rage I felt when I watched that douchebag Jesse Watters' segment on Chinatown. What outrages me is that this was not a one man show. There were many people who had to contribute to that piece: writing, pre-production, post, etc. I want to know who the cocksuckers are who sat in a room laughing at the non-English speaking Chinese, thinking of what movie clips they could incorporate to exacerbate the humiliation. I am now more committed than ever to start an Asian media task force that knocks these people down. I want these fuckers to be in a writing room, discussing Asian characters and themes then say "Shit, if we do this, will Sophia Chang come for us?" Yes, motherfucker, I will. Ronnie Chieng from The Daily Show interviewed people in New York's Chinatown as a follow up to the Fox segment.